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Czech dating site

Seifert would have been proud to know of this book - Skvorecky is on record as being very proud of Pekarkova for writing it" - Phil Balla"It oozes all the greyness and cabbage smells I remember while remaining upbeat and philosophical" - caracol Josef Skvorecky The Miracle Game"Excellent" - Zack Dvorak in Love"Tender, wise and profound" - Neil The Cowards and The Republic of Whores"Brilliant, funny, and very Czech" - Nick The Bass Saxophone"One of the darkest and most sinister of his novels" - Milo Chomskis-Mc Geever Lieutenant Boruvka detective stories "Written to get around the censors after the banning of The Cowards. They're fun" - Matt B"A series of short detective stories centred around a disaffected middle-aged policeman who struggles to understand his wife and daughter, the criminals and the crimes they commit, and for whom life itself is something of a trial.

The stories appeal to the grouch in all of us" - Big Ed Engineer of Human Souls Janina Non fiction: Talkin' Moscow Blues"Essays on politics, literature, film and jazz" - Matt B Eva Svankmajerova Baradla Cave "A wonderful slice of subversive surrealist weirdness that deserves a look" - wayne b Zdena Tomin Stalin's Shoe"Excellent" - Hunter Jachym Topol"Elegiac and uneven" - lukas w City Sister Silver"Don't miss it" - iwsa"Very worthwhile" - Woody Jiri Weil Mendelssohn is on the Roof"Sometimes funny, sometimes tragic portrait of life in and around Prague under Nazi occupation" - Chris Morrison His Life With a Star"A more autobiographical account of his life as a Jew in Nazi occupied Prague.

You may have to pay to park – check the car park notices or ask an attendant.

Warning: Unpleasant" - Susanne The Widow Killer"A detective story that also gives a lot of insight into life in Prague at the end of the second world war" - Jecminek"Ostensibly a murder mystery set in Prague at the end of the German occupation but so much more: a vivid picture of war-torn Prague, the lessons of war, and an allegory of Czech history" - David B Jan Kresadlo"A sampler in English translation is at so you can make up your own mind" - vzjp Gravelarks"Mixes up political oppression, rough sex and close harmony singing with an irony that is simply missing from anything written by English or American authors" - Mike State Milan Kundera "Just about anything by Kundera is worth reading - The Joke and The Book Of Laughter and Forgetting are my favourites" - G Charlton"He is of truly global significance and continues to trouble and disturb, without resort to crass gore or dull literary convention.

My favourite is The Joke" - Joel Ranch My favourite Kundera novels are Immortality, Life is Elsewhere, and of course The Unbearable Lightness of Being" - qianxi Non fiction: Testaments Betrayed"For the Kundera lover who digs non fiction" - chrispy Paul Leppin Severin's Journey into the Dark"Junked up, absinthe raddled, Gothic baroque ...

The writing style is highly original - known to Czechs as Hrabalovstina (think that's right! Hrabal is a literary dreamer at the same time - it was said he could recite whole chapters of books from memory - and this likewise comes across." - Alexander"The best writer on any count: witty non pareil, tender, melancholic, reflective and without all the fuss and hectoring sentimentality in Kundera's work" - Antonio"By far the best story-teller there is.

He is an absolute pleasure to read, and should be relished - you feel like you're sitting down in a great Czech pub with him whilst he spins a yarn.

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