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I’m not a very big sci-fi fan – I haven’t really read or watched a lot in the past so for me, these stories always have to earn their place emotionally.It can’t just be a concept otherwise it becomes remote and alien – an intellectual exercise rather than an emotional engagement.I think – and I’m sure Charlie would agree – if we ever got to point where we didn’t feel like we were telling new stories, we’d have to stop.It’s hard when you’re an anthology series [but] I think all the new episodes in the fourth season all feel very different – there are things we’ve not yet explored and genres we haven’t tackled.The majority of UK headlines after the Emmys weren’t about winning two awards Oh, that’s nice!Annoyingly we were in LA the morning after getting ready to fly back, so Charlie and I didn’t see any of that.I think what’s interesting about – and this is perhaps something only Charlie and I analyse and no one else gives a shit about – but we don’t ever tell stories about big evil corporations.We don’t ever tell stories about conglomerates or anything evil and corrupt because one, I don’t really know that world, and two, I don’t really recognise that world – I don’t think it really exists.

’ We were a failing show on Channel 4 – well, not failing – but a show that they didn’t want anymore and now... It’s a staggering journey – and a series close to Britain’s heart.For example, last season we did ‘San Junipero’ – while there’s a big concept there, most of the story doesn’t revolve around that; it’s a backgrounded device to tell our human story.If we had a smaller budget, we’d probably have had to set it in the UK but when I looked back at how I perceived the 1980s, all my references were American.was granted an exclusive opportunity to speak to Jones – fresh from the show’s double Emmy win for the episode “San Junipero” – who was, at the time of talking, completing work on the six episodes that’ll comprise season four. Obviously, I should add it’s a real privilege.” With the episode titles, cast and directors already announced for each, Jones divulged more details on what to expect from each instalment which you can see below alongside our full interview.“It feels slightly schizophrenic, I have to say,” Jones quipped. AJ: At some point, I won’t be able to say this but I think we’ve managed to again come up with six new different episodes.

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