Tips on dating nigerian men virtual dating website

Tips on dating nigerian men

Where as if you spend a full weekend with him and he claims he can't attend church that Sunday because you are around. Infact before you even see him make sure you pack your church clothes. But because he brags about how he can just sweet talk you, his friends believe your friends are like that too.10) finally, he never wants to meet your family, always making excuses about attending things with you.

They tend to usually have their fathers, mothers, wives/girlfriends attend that church, so he will be very careful with where he exposes you.8) smooth talkers. So make sure if you are dating one of these described, grenade for you. He claims all this but I have never been to his house he lives with a relative.

I realised, too late, the good Naija man I fell in love with will always be wanting someone to pay his bills.

I tried my best to set him on his own two feet, but he won't ever change. I do not date Nigerian or men from Africa, their interests clash with mine plus I have seen how they treated my aunt to know they look down on her.

He also tried to make her a slave, screaming at her, he tried to hit her, they divorced.

In fact he will even make you think it's your fault. You have to be twice as smart to date.7) if he claims he is a devoted Christian and goes to church every Sunday. He does not want to date you, he basically has told he's friends all bout you. Am sure those he's friends can find girls on their own.He better not be lying to me because he wont ever want to be dating an American if he does. Last but least he said I can go to church with him but has never taken me and when I talk to his family because I do call at all hours of the day his family talks and says yes we are going to the store bye now.which is really strange but they better stop it because its pissing me off all together. Nigerian men say LOVE most likely, a baby say love to his mother or master,''i love you'' and it is either because you feed me, you help me, or i am going to get something from you.\sorry but it is sad ugly true very interesting for the person who wrote this. He claims all this but I have never been to his house he lives with a relative. I know about all his fones and he always answers the fone when am around, no matter which one is ringing. Well you see this topic will forever be discussed as long as these people that are described in this topic are still about.Then oh yes we shall speak and speak and forever speak.

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So how do I really know if he loves me Accept the fact and move on. and in general Nigerian men love you if and only when they see you can benefit them at certain things. The relative drops him off at a public place then he goes to my home then they pic him up. He often says he loves me but has never bought me anything. I know all his family and they all love me and care about me.

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