Dating for depressed people

Dating for depressed people

Consider your loved ones and friends that are experiencing depression as a needing you and your presence more than ever.It is interesting to think about the times when I was growing up and my mother would always make it a point to lean on her sisters and brother during times of trouble or loneliness.It is not an act of fear, cowardliness, or ignorance.I believe that one of the biggest assumptions of someone dealing with a bout of depression is that they want to be left alone.It is a valuable insight to recognize that managing their depression effectively is the most important goal of a depressed individual, not causing anyone any burdens or pain.If they do happen to hurt you or offend you, remember that they are not the enemy – their depression is the true enemy.

Their search for peace, happiness and peace led their hearts and minds into the pit of depression, but they ended up changing the course of history.Depression can make someone feel as if they’re a burden to the world, especially to those around them.They are not seeking attention, nor want any coddling or rose-colored glasses handed to them.Tell your depressed loved one that you accept them fully, unconditionally, and remind them of any and all positive traits you love about them. It is the oldest organism on Earth and we still do not know how to fully prevent it from breaking down.Still more complex though is the human brain and it’s many structures and functions.

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Any one of these points will not only help with the stigma surrounding depression, but may even help the individual dealing with depression.

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