Dating the quatrain of nostradamus internet dating scotland

Dating the quatrain of nostradamus

His writings had accurately predicted the first two world wars and he predicted the second coming, albeit incorrectly. Nostradamus received some time-frame but miscalculated the date to get 1999.The Secret Teachings of Jesus Jesus kept no secrets.In it, it is said that the Second Coming will not be Jesus, Himself, but another Christ. He is the 12th Imam of the Muslims, the Messiah of the Jews, and the Maitreya of the Buddhists, all of whom are waiting for the “grand revelation”. Immediately prior to His current incarnation, He was Nikola Tesla.(He seems to love inventing things.)He, along with 3 others, are the first Four emanations of our Creator – The Four, as you have read on this blog. What He will do is just be very blunt and tell you how things are and what it takes to create real, lasting change for this planet. Mind you, Jesus has mentioned that no one knows when He will come, if at all, and he has been back to the 3rd dimension many times since His ascension.There Are No Secrets in the Universe Nor in any of the other universes. He is a descendant of Jesus, Himself a descendant of Germain, Himself a descendant of Osiris. He was a disciple of Gautama Buddha, when He was alive, then. Ezekiel’s First Vision Depicts God sitting on a throne, comprised of a Man, a Lion, an Ox, and an Eagle. Ascension is of the body and once you perfect it, you keep your body for an eternity – immortality. In the older interpretations "Angoulmois" -- the former name of a province near Bordeaux -- was often read as an anagram of "Mongolois," predicting a Mongol invasion, perhaps with Genghis Khan revived as the Antichrist, although the changes needed to transform "Angoulmois" into "Mongolois" do not fit Nostradamus's usual method of forming anagrams.

In the seventh month of 1999, Nostradamus predicted, a great king of terror would descend on the world.People may know these celebrations as Yule (Yuletide) or Yalda (the Yule of the Persian tradition).Despite all of that, the exact date of Jesus’ birth has been unknown to the masses. Nostradamus’ Quatrains – Century 6, Quatrain 97Nostradamus was a court physician, psychic, and illuminist during the time of King Charles IX, of France.Still another interpretation saw the King of Terror as the Antichrist and the King of Angoulmois as the revivified Francis I, who was Duke of Angouleme.Today we can find more imaginative interpretations.

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Identifying Mongols with Russians, the quatrain has been taken (though the time is now past) to refer to Russian air raids in World War III or to the fall of the Russian space station.

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