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It’s essentially a black oxide coating and it’s resistant to just about everything up to and including 5 megaton airbursts, if H&Ks website is to be believed. Caliber-wise, you can get it in 9x19mm or .40 Smith and Wesson.You can chose a SA/DA trigger, a DAO law enforcement trigger, a manual ambidextrous safety, spurred or bobbed hammer, a built in gunlock, and even a RFID chip if you’re either European or too lazy to actually read off the pistols model name, information and serial number.In fact, it’s only 1/10 of an inch shorter than that model GLOCK and just a tad wider if you include its much larger slide release. The frame and grip are H&Ks usual fiber re-enforced polymer, and everything looks sharp, from the standard accessory rail to the checkering on the front of the trigger guard to its 0h-so-comfortable grip. Technically speaking, the P30 is more or less the classic link-less Browning tilting barrel action, just like the H&K P2000 before it. If it isn’t broke, there’s really no reason to even think about fixing it.The slide (which, by the way, is machined from one solid billet of steel) and any important metal parts wear H&Ks proprietary “Hostile Environment” finish.

With a fully loaded magazine, the balance was darned close to perfect.

Thus reads the unofficial slogan of Heckler & Koch, whose products I can only dream of owning…not just because they’re expensive, but because they won’t sell me the really neat stuff they make.

Since 1949, the good folks from Oberndorf have been supplying excellent firearms to just about any government willing to pay for them.

Regardless of the set-up you chose, the heater comes with H&Ks outstanding 3.86’’ polygonal rifled barrel which is supposed to increase muzzle velocity and barrel life.

It also means that not only does H&K cold hammer forge their pistol barrels, but they also design them so that even if completely blocked (say, with dirt, mud, blood or the bullet from one of your friend’s handloads) you can still fire a round without the gun going grenade on you.

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I personally witnessed a P30 brought back from the firing line with a severe problem.

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