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He offers up stories of how he at 18 won a local Michigan election, for which his goal was solely to fire his high school principal - and the vice principal.

The photo he threw up on the flag background (where all the stripes normally red are uniformly blue, by the way) shows a singularly geeky, unappetizing Moore, with long, Prince Valiant hair and goofball demeanor, which he called "chick-bait."He isn't uninteresting.

He stops us cold, however, near the end, when he promises that President Trump (he never uses "President," of course) who is "insane," WILL start a war. To distract us from his numerous scandals mounting. His physiognomy, for those who are not acquainted with the Michigander and his documentaries and low-jinks, is so unprepossessing that he entered the Belasco from the front, his own show, and no one recognized him. I nominate you, if I may, for the Beet of the Week.

Best part: when we were leaving the theater, a security guard was setting up canvas pens to corral any would be autograph seekers. Conspicuous Gallantry in the face of the Aggressive Mental Onanism. Most Equal Komrad Trash Mouth, That is a terrible set of alternatives!

Since there were very, very few Republicans or Conservatives who would pay to put themselves under the hate-infested likes of Moore, he was evidently pandering to leftist passions and predilections.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Following his repeated hysteria (covering his face with both hands) that he couldn't understand how "this could happen," he expostulates that of the past seven elections, all but one featured the Democrats having a higher popular vote than their opponents. Just as he repeatedly harangues the audience that "the polls show the people agree with us," the things he mentions, and seems to think cover all the important bases, are abortion ("choice"), transgenders fighting in the military ("they've been fighting so long that they must be the best military of all"), marriage "equality," and naturally, "climate change."Unmentioned and unconsidered: taxes, a healthy economy, jobs, security inside and outside our borders, the threat of insurgent infiltrates and aliens. At one point, developing his theme that Americans are badly educated and getting worse, he stages a mock battle of wits between a Canadian and an American.We knew right before he got the Canadian nurse and the American graphic artist that the questions would be tilted, and sure enough, the American woman lost the contest and got fewer right than the Canadian.(He says his life has been threatened numerous times, especially when he has spoken out against the country, or the rights of the people, or refugees/Muslims. Most Equal Komrad Dreyfus, On behalf of The Collective ™ I wish commend you on your intestinal fortitude.He delights in thinking that the President may have a long-run battle against the NFL. I don't want anything Michael Moore has to sell." He responds, "Me too." He pauses: "But I got a job to do…" We smile conspiratorially. I doubt I would ever be able to subject myself to such nauseating torture.

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Certainly anyone who could endure both of those would be considered for nomination as a Hero of the Cube Collective ™ !

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