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Das Viertelfinale vor der Türe, das Halbfinale im Visier: Österreichs Fußball-Frauen-Nationalteam will den Sensationslauf bei der EM in den Niederlanden auch am Sonntag (18.00 Uhr, live in ORF eins) in Tilburg in der ersten K.o.-Runde gegen Spanien fortsetzen.

Während die ÖFB-Auswahl die Gruppenphase souverän meisterte, zitterte sich der Weltranglisten-13. „Auch wenn sie in der Vorrunde nicht ganz so überzeugt haben, sind sie ein starker Gegner und auch Favorit.

„Sie sind technisch sehr stark, quirlig“, wusste Feiersinger.

Die Offensive gilt als Prunkstück, Wenninger ist vor allem Barcelonas Jennifer Hermoso aufgefallen.

Guerrilla Combat - Use the environment to your advantage, scale trees and dive underwater to avoid or takedown enemies, configure Lara's gear, weapons, and ammo to suit your play style, craft explosives on the fly to sow chaos, and wield Lara’s signature combat bows and climbing axe.

Decommissioned during the Cold War, a dormant weapons research base has been breached, unleashing a mysterious affliction into the Siberian wilderness that transforms men into blood-thirsty, mindless killers.

Siberian Ranger: Includes the “Siberian Ranger” outfit which increases Lara’s carrying capacity of all special ammunition, the “Accipiter Nox” Semi-Automatic Pistol skin, and a card pack with a guaranteed rare card and an increased chance for additional rare cards.

The Season Pass for Rise of the Tomb Raider includes a range of content that will extend your single-player campaign, and also allow you to compete with friends.

Explore Awe-Inspiring Deadly Tombs - Huge ancient spaces littered with deadly traps, solve dramatic environmental puzzles, and decipher ancient texts to reveal crypts as you take on a world filled with secrets to discover. Wild - Conquer a world fiercely protecting its secrets, endure perilous conditions and unstable landscapes, face dangerous wildlife that act as guardians to ancient tombs, and explore huge interactive environments.Deep in the wilds of Siberia lies a forest that no man will enter, where a Soviet expedition vanished without a trace. Featuring three hours of new gameplay, Lara will face new adversaries, explore a new tomb, solve a decades old mystery, and face off against an ancient evil. Includes the "Ancient Vanguard" outfit that reduces the delay before Lara regenerates her health, the "Guiding Light" Bow skin and a card pack with two guaranteed rare cards and three other cards that have an increased chance at being rare.Lara enters the Wicked Vale in search of a missing man, but she finds a nightmare that defies explanation. Alone and in the wild, Lara must scrounge, scavenge, craft and survive the harsh elements by day, as well as lethal threats from enemies, both man and beast, by night.Includes the Ushanka outfit, which reduces Lara’s damage from melee attacks, the devastating Voidhammer shotgun, and the Cold Darkness Awakened Card Pack which includes over 15 new Expedition Cards.Includes the "Nightshade" outfit that gives Lara the chance of looting an exotic animal resource from a common animal, the "Deathsong" Bloody Hatchet and a card pack with two guaranteed rare cards and three other cards that have an increased chance at being rare.

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Wir schweben auf einer sehr positiven Welle“, betonte der gebürtige Wiener.

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