Virgo female dating a virgo male

Virgo female dating a virgo male

Cultivating these together, especially when it's fun, too, is love superglue.If you've grown apart, look for new challenges that thrill you both, and sign up for a class or intro session.Maybe it’s because you expect such high standards from one another, or maybe you just have to get over it.Statistically speaking, same-sign marriages have been proven as the most reliable in studies since the 1970s.They come alive with mind food, and challenges to the intellect.

All work and no play makes them stressed out, and too tense to stop and smell the roses along the way.Upside: mutual devotion; demure lovers; sensual in each other's arms; healing together; partner yoga; health enthusiasts; sincere; patient; thrive in settled relationships.Downside: Hyper-critical; high-strung (hard to relax); work oriented to a fault; shy or insecure. But because hes a Leo/Virgo cusp & I'm a complete Virgo we tend to differ.Virgo's dark side is the tendency to be the constant critic, which actually comes from a gift -- the ability to see what needs changing.The Virgo-Virgo couple will need to cultivate acceptance for who they are at any given moment.

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