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Ultimately, the Pausches sold their house in Shadyside and relocated to Chesapeake, Va., to be closer to Jai's family.

The decision to move was a hard one, especially after the Pausches had recently finished remodeling their Ellsworth Avenue ranch house into what Randy Pausch's niece Laura Woolley describes as the couple's "dream home," and had already enrolled Dylan in kindergarten at Shady Side Academy Junior School.

According to American Cancer Society statistics, 75 percent of pancreatic-cancer patients die within the first year of diagnosis; a mere 5 percent live beyond five years.

More than 37,000 Americans are diagnosed with pancreatic cancer every year. As fate would have it, this expert in time management now faced the ultimate time-management challenge -- how to spend the last months of his life.

To each of these roles, Pausch, who died this past July of complications from pancreatic cancer, brought the sum total of his energies, even when the disease had drained most of his seemingly inexhaustible supply.

18, 2007, to deliver his last-ever lecture, the audience rose to its feet and cheered. 1 on The New York Times' "Best Seller List," agreed to put Carnegie Mellon's name on the book's cover.At his memorial service, CMU computer-science professor Jessica Hodgins recalled how Pausch used to measure two-thirds of a cup of water for his daily oatmeal with separate one-thirds measuring cups until he found a single two-thirds cup that would "save him one hand motion." Former student Emily Treat, 28, of Boston, recalls that when Pausch's first child, Dylan, was a newborn and keeping him up at night with his crying, Pausch would come into his Building Virtual Worlds class the next day with freshly baked brownies."If I'm going to be up all night, I might as well do something productive with my time," Treat remembers his telling her class."Time is all you have, and it must be explicitly managed," wrote Pausch in The Last Lecture, his 2008 best-selling memoir.Still, in doing so, he did not forget the "obvious part" of his time challenge.He saw to the less romantic tasks: planning for his family's financial future, choosing a school for the children and deciding whether to stay in Pittsburgh.

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"Make me earn it," he mock-chided them, urging them to sit. But Pausch's memory -- thanks to his book (since translated into 30 languages), Web diary and television appearances -- belongs to a larger community now.

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