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This job was managed by the Corps of Engineers’ Manhattan District. Franklin appointed the Army’s chief engineer, Brig. Soon, he discussed with Groves the need for a central laboratory.

Oppenheimer identified an isolated site at Los Alamos, New Mexico.

The resulting split material is called fission fragments.

The by-products of fission chain reactions are energy primarily in the form of heat, and radioactive waste.

When Groves approved the site, the Corps of Engineers began construction of a laborat ory and compound in late 1942.

After the Los Alamos Laboratory was completed, Groves appointed Oppenheimer to head the laboratory.

Thus, in this game of nuclear warfare, no one can win.Everyone was agreed on the necessity of stopping Hitler and the Japanese from destroying the free world.It was not an academic question, our friends and relatives were being killed and we, ourselves, were desperately afraid. Hirschfelder, chemist At Los Alamos we had some conversations on the subject and I must admit that my own position was that the atom bomb is no worse than the fire raids which our B-29s were doing daily in Japan, and anything to end the war quickly was the thing to do. Kistiakowsky Soon after the Manhattan Project became a success, the Soviet Union developed their own atomic bomb.No one has used these weapons against another country since WW-II, however.This is because of the concept known as Mutally Assured Destruction (MAD).

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