Dating bases wikipedia

Dating bases wikipedia

This database contains all information concerning music files that you've added to the Music Library. The music database is stored in userdata/Database/My Music XX.db, where XX is the version number.

Views are standard queries, often long or complicated queries saved in the database for convenience. This equates to what Musicbrainz call a "release" and represents the unique release (i.e.

You can read more about Library Mode for Music and Video files on their respective pages.

Since Kodi maintains the databases on its own, the only time a developer really needs to access the databases is for display information.

The following sections discuss how you can access the information contained in Kodi's databases, and give some brief examples of how to use it.

SQLite queries can be incredibly powerful (and extraordinarily complicated).

Many of the elements of a TV show's path and filename and used repeatedly, so SQL allows us to save space and speed up our searches by storing each of those elements just once, in one place, and referencing them repeatedly by the same ID.

In this case, the root path that contains your video files is a long string that repeats at the beginning of many files.

Now the following query is a bit more complex because it joins 3 movie-related tables (movie, files and path) to list a single useful view of your movies.

"Select" is a SQL command used to gather data (in the form of "rows") out of a SQL database.

Your select statement will include: Note that "*" is used to indicate all fields.

The views below allow you to easily access all the information about songs and albums in the Music Library, across all the linking tables. issuing) of an item on a specific date with specific release information such as the country, label, etc.

Hence album title and artist do not have to be unique as long as we have the release ID (Musicbrainz album ID), Kodi can handle different versions of the same album e.g.

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This is returned when additional information for an album is scraped from online sources or NFO files.

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