Pinoy man to man chat consolidating pdfs preview

Pinoy man to man chat

Sometimes it's funny how some of the 'hurt' wives post here in PEX cursing the 'third wheel'/'outside woman' and the same for the mistress fighting her back, in the meanwhile the husband is probably out fcking a third or fourth chic they both don't know or thought about. Lots of good looking poor girls combined with men, although not necessarily rich, who have some extra spending money. bilib na sana ako e malamanlaman ko e puro naman pala bayaran yung mga babae nila.. Apparently around 500 USD per monthly expenses is enough to sustain an affair. They got no game but they got a little more money than the rest.I guess what I'm saying it's because women let it happen to themselves as well. Kung hindi talamak ang kahirapan sa atin, these guys wont get any girls. Kung babaero na ang bf mo before he got married, babaero pa din yan kahit kasal na. I mean here there's divorce (where if the case of separation is strong towards the wife, ie if the husband cheated) they could accrue monetary assets from the union in the event of it's falling apart. Otherwise she'd have to go off on her own or with her children that she can't all support.British men tend to be polite, have a sarcastic and subtle sense of humor and are not afraid to laugh at themselves.They usually enjoy traveling abroad and experiencing different cultures, so life with them wouldn’t be boring!

You don't have that in the PI; and even if you did, I'm pretty sure the enforcement would be shoddy at best.

So in case of the event of cheating, she either have to put up or shut up.

Men cheat probably because of the following reasons: 1. OR the jobs they have don't make the same as what their husbands make (if here in the US it's still 1:.75 gender per wage ratio-men to women in dollars, I'm assuming it's far worse there).

or he is an egoistic and conceited bast*** who wants to prove that he's a lady's man. gender/gender roles, there's still a strong cultural and socioeconomic gap between sexes and their role. Virility and procurement of women is kinda virtuous. Reinforced religiously in the Catholic/Christian 'sanctity of family' schpiel.

These might be reasons and there might be other reasons why men cheat. That leaves a lot of leg room for extracurricular activities. 1, culturally (women) they're brought up to kinda sorta be future moms, housewives.

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Mistake #3 - THE PAST DICTATES THE FUTURE **An ex-cheater can change and a person who never cheated before can start cheating.

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