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Now I can admit the songs on this album capture parts of the roller coaster emotional ride called my life.“ She pauses, then continues.

“But I didn’t make this record so someone will go ’She’s had such a hard year. Poor Trisha.’ Though people will read more into the lyrics than is really there, you definitely choose songs by how you feel at the time.“ Sitting in a Nashville office this spring afternoon, she’s chic in a sleek black turtleneck and black jeans.

It’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to say what you think—even if everyone doesn’t agree with you,” she declares.

To be that open, Trisha acknowledges she’s had to overcome the genteel Southern belle nature of her Georgia upbringing.“One of the album’s songs, ’I’m Still Alive,’ says I’m the kind of girl who never fails to hang on to the past by my fingernails. “I’m a good Southern girl who grew up wanting to please everybody.

“I recorded ’Real Live Woman’ because I loved that the woman in the song is strong, independent and to a point where she doesn’t mind speaking her opinion.

The song doesn’t say ’I’m strong, independent and I don’t need anybody.’ It’s says ’I’m confident, sexy and wonderful—and here’s the man who loves me the way I am.’ That’s the woman I’m aspiring to be.

I don’t want her to ever think she’s not wonderful, no matter what she weighs.

Having a distorted self image is an issue that’s dear to my heart.“ Speaking of kids, Trisha reveals having children is also dear to her heart. “My mother had two children by the time she was 35. I now realize I’m going to have to decide my career is not my child, if“—her blue-green eyes crinkle as she laughs—“I want to have a real child.“ “This is the first time in my life I’ve ever thought about having a baby.

The line would fit the real life me better if it said, ’And I thank God I’m finally figuring out who I am.’ “The other thing that drew me to ’Real Live Woman’ is its statement about physical perfection.I didn’t want to say or do anything to make people uncomfortable.That makes any kind of change a horrible, gut-wrenching experience for me—even if it’s the best thing.“ One gut-wrenching change in her life was dealing with the break-up of her marriage to Robert.“I’m just laying my life out there,” says Trisha Yearwood.“It’s kind of like walking naked through the streets.“ Trisha is talking about her own personal evolution.

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She candidly reveals self-doubts following her divorce, being “uncomfortably” single and a blossoming desire to have children.

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