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The lubrication is light on these, so you might need to add a little lube if things take awhile.There is no taste to these, so if you pull 'em off and switch to oral, it's all good!This condom is the closest feeling that I get to not having a condom on. A I tried one of these last night for the first time. If I hadn't found these there is no doubt I'd have have an STD by now - as these things feel 95% as good as bareback, but if you wanna be safe AND have great sex you gotta try these!We have tried others, but this one is by far the best! Let me just say that I certainly don't think I'm well endowed. However it stretches easily and doesn't squeeze the life out of the party. I have tried all types of condom looking for the most natural fill. When my wife and I don't want to deal with the mess after a night of feltching, we definatly use this condom.But, if you happen to be smaller than 7.75" X 2.5" than you will probably enjoy this rubber very much like so many others. Thinnest one that I've tried and lets you feel a lot more.

I've tried everything and these are thin enough to let me feel every tiny ridge and pulse inside my lady!No latex odor & very thin, however this is a very small condom. My boyfriend and I tried these first, and now I'm throwing out the rest and filling up the tin with these!! My girlfriend and I humped through a roll of 12 of these babies within a day and a half of them arriving. Also, Its hard to believe they're latex, because there is no annoying latex smell or taste.Like the other reviewers said, you have to check to make sure it's on! They did feel a little snug around the head, but made up for it in the outstanding sensitivity. Out of the 3 I tried (from the 2006 "worlds best" tin) only 1 worked well, very tight and difficult to put on, the last 1 actually came off because it "choked" me so bad i went limp :-{ .But, as some have said, it's definitely not a one-size-fits all.Yes, I agree that they're thin, but they were too tight on me I couldn't keep them on. This is absolutely the closest to wearing no condom at all!

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The length was not a problem but the width issue made it difficult to roll it down the shaft of my cock. Guys if your big, especially wide these will probably not work for you.

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