Iepazdating penpal armastus

Iepazdating penpal armastus

I miss you = Khnhom Nik Neak Thank you for the message = Orkun Samrab Sa What time is it there now? We= Pouk Yerng It is same as “Yerng” You can use “Yerng” or “Pouk Yerng” is ok.

= Sur Sdey Tov Neak Vinh Dae I am sure = Khnhom Brakort I am not sure = Khnhom Min Brakort Still I haven't received your answer…= Khnhom Nov Tae Min Ban Toturl Chamleuy Robors Neak I just got back from my job = Khnhom Terb Tae Mork Pee Thver Ka What is your yahoo id? Thanks for viewing my profile...= Orkun Dael Merl Profile Robors Khnhom I know what you mean...= Khnhom Deung Pee Ney Robors Neak Hery. Example: You are a man and you want to talk to your girlfriend you should used “On” to call her and she should use “Borng” to call you. We can know it is plural or single by your sentence. No, I am not tired =te khnhom min ors kamlang te Yes, I am tired = bat khnhom ors kamlang What are your hobbies? What time is there now = nov nus morng ponman hery?

= rubpheap brakorb dory monosanchetn­a, kanphleng ning orscha What a big smile. hahaha What a charming smile =snam nhonheum ey kor mean mun snae yang nis! = 你的旅行愉快吗? How long you have been in plane =你制定计划多长时间? Do you like to go to hotel? =你喜欢这里吗? God bless you =保佑你 miniko zixuan1988.­[email protected]­liv­[email protected]تلفظ کلمات چینی: سایت برتر برای آموزش چینی = pozdravy z Iránu, Teheránu Good afternoon = dobré odpoledne Good bye =bye= nashledanou Good evening = dobrý večer Good morning =good day = dobrý den Happy Christmas to you= šťastné Vánoce tobě nice day= hezký den I wish good night= přeji dobrou noc hello from Iran= ahoj z Iránu I hope to hear from you again= doufám, že se znovu uslyšíme I hope to hear from you soon= doufám, že se brzy uslyšíme what is the weather there= jaké je tam počasí How was your day? = Men Hery Khnhom Skorl/ Pith Chea Ches I am so glad= Khnhom Reak Reay Nas I am happy = Khnhom Reak Reay I thank you for accepting to be my friend. = Ter Khnhom Nov Paris Reu Was she at work yesterday? Past tense: I was = Khnhom/ Khnhom Keu/ Khnhom Keu Chea/ Khnhom Chea You were = Neak/ Neak Keu/ Neak Keu Chea/ Neak Chea She was = Kort/ Kort Keu/ Kort Keu Chea/ Kort Chea He was = Kort/ Kort Keu/ Kort Keu Chea/ Kort Chea It was = Vea/ Vea Keu/ Vea Keu Chea/ Vea Chea We were = Yerng/ Yerng Keu/ Yerng Keu Chea/ Yerng Kort Chea You were = Pouk Neak/ Pouk Neak Keu/ Pouk Neak Keu Chea/ Pouk Neak Chea They were = Pouk Kort/ Pouk Kort Keu/ Pouk Kort Keu Chea/ Pouk Kort Chea They were = Pouk Vea/ Pouk Vea Keu/ Pouk Vea Keu Chea/ Pouk Vea Chea Or we can add the word “Ban” before verb I was in Paris = Khnhom Ban Nov Paris/ Khnhom Nov Paris She was at work yesterday = Neang Nov Thverka Kal Pee Maseul Menh Was I in Paris ? = Orkun Samrab Ka Chleury Torb Yang Rohas Thank you for your nice answer. = Ter Khnhom Arch Sur Neak Nov Samnur Khlas Khlas Ban Te? = Khnhom Rors Nov Tehran We are all good here.= Purk Yerng Teang Ors Khnea Nov Tee Nis La-or Nice to meet you.= Reak Reay Nas Dael Ban Churb Neak Hope to hear from you again.= Sangkeum Tha Ban Leur Pee Neak Madorng Teat How are you my friend? I wish you a very happy new year = Chun Por Reak Reay Chhnam Thmey Happy Christmas to you = Reak Reay Bon Noel Take care = Thae Reaksa Khlurn Please check your email = Som Chhaek Mail Robors Neak Please look at attached Photos = Som Merl Rubthort Dael Phchorb Cheamury Do you like it = Ter Neak Chol Chith Te? Com to make photo art work = Neak Arch Brer Dermbey Thver Rubthort Ory Mean Silpak If you like it, you can send me more Photos= Ber Neak Chol Chith Vea, Neak Arch Phnher Rubthort Ory Khnhom Taem Teat Not so good = Min Sov La-or Te Bad = Akrork It’s been better = Vea Trov Ban Thver Ory La-or Lerng Name =Chhmous Surname/Last­ name =Trakol Where do you study? = Dory Ka Korup Pee Tehran, Brates Iran Thank you for your quick reply. Please read my profile and say something= Som An Ampee Khnhom Hery Niyaeay Nice picture! = Khnhom Chhmous Yahya Mork Pee Iran I am looking for pen pal.= Khnhom Kampong Rok Mith Pheak Sorse Teak Tong Khnea You can contact me on [email protected]­= Neak Arch Teak Tong Khnhom tam [email protected] would like to be your friend.= Khnhom Chorng Thver Chea Mith Robors Neak I live in Tehran. = Ter Yerng Arch Tver Chea Mith Pheak Sorse Teak Tong Khnea Ban Te? = Sangkeum Tha Ban Leur Pee Neak Chhap Chhap I am learning from your words = Khnhom Kampong Rean Pee Peak Robors Neak Welcome = Som Svakom (to reply thank you we use "Min ey te" not "Som Svakom") Thank you for your quick reply.= Orkun Samrab Ka Chleury Torb Yang Rohas Thank you for your nice answer.= Orkun Samrab Chamleury Yang La-or Thank you for your nice pictures.= Orkun Samrab Rubpheap Dor Sa-at Robors Neak That’s very kind of you.= Nus Chea Sandan Chith Dor La-or Robors Neak Do you like to help me more.= Ter Neak Chorng Chury Khnhom Teat Te?

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=你在那里的时间快乐吗? How was your training course = 你的训练怎么样啊? Did you pass your exams? = tak for dine pæne billeder You can use to make photo art work = du kan bruge til at lavefoto kunst If you like it, you can send me more Photos= hvis du kan lide det, kan du sende mig flere billeder Can you help me please?

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