Accomodating in the general education classroom

Accomodating in the general education classroom

Thta seems like it may be changing though as GCU has an annoying habit of randomly assigning "Student Instructors" to these courses in order to save money.

This is a problem because these are just students as well, and oftentimes do not fully grasp what they are supposed to be teaching, and end up trying to overcompensate for this by pretending to be a Road Scholar, or something.

I am also well versed in APA format, some facilitators (I hesitate to call them professors) give full credit on APA while others will take off points for APA formatting.

I've been using APA for over 10 years and my format certainly doesn't change from class to class.

The books are predominately an e-book that you get free through the class site, but those not covered are easily purchased as an e-book through online vendors (thank you Crtl F for quick searches btw).

To be brutally honest, some of my classmates have been clearly academically disadvantaged and are probably getting their grades at a steal...

In my experience, they both are pretty consistent in their availability and promptness in responding to any of my needs.

Classes are through Loud Cloud, which is an easy program to use.

Also, there does not appear to be any recourse for an online student to complain about an instructor available from GCU, and their mentality is basically, Oh Well, we got your money so tough luck.

The "system" (stretching that word) in place at GCU seems to have ZERO to do with helping you learn, and more to do with getting your tuition payments, and I am seriously considering dropping out now, even though I am only 3 courses from completion.. I am very happy to have the opportunity to recharge myself.

I have to warn anyone who is considering this institution to BEWARE, once they get your money, they no longer give a hoot about you!! What makes my learning experience even better is that my company pays 80% of my tuition. And then I was bounced between two different counselors who never told me the same thing. I stayed for one class and then left as quickly as I could.

Executive MBA (4) Masters of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Accounting (4) Master of Education in Special Education (8) M. T (11) ED in TESOL (22) MBA with an Emphasis in Leadership (6) Masters of Education in Elementary Education (27) Organizational Leadership (7) M. in Professional Counseling (12) Curriculum and Instruction: Reading (7) Educational Administration (4) MBA in Marketing (2) To link to this page: I have been attending GCU for almost a year in their online program.

You have two people that assist you continuously through your study: your academic adviser and school counselor.

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The teachers are very hit or miss, but I have had a couple that were awesome. I truly believe there are better schools out there.

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