Mars and venus dating tips updating windows mobile 5 to windows mobile 6

And these characteristics can also be found in one who spends time studying over a book in a library preparing for an exam.

Why do we think that love just happens and we don’t need to prepare ourselves to be the best we can be so we can bring the best to our partner and our relationship? Avoiding each other, but in the end always coming back to each other and the conversations flow and both of you just click into place.

A man may think his date is another woman whose needs may smother him and take away his freedom. “No matter how sincere you are, if your partner is misinterpreting your innocent and automatic reactions and responses, your attempts to create a relationship may be unsuccessful.

It is not enough merely to be authentic in sharing yourself; to succeed in dating you need to consider how you will be interpreted as well” (p 3).

Here are fifteen key insights that can help any relationship become stronger: 1) “Whenever a man does something to make a woman feel special, in her eyes he becomes more attractive…If she has to care too much about his needs, if she has to be overly sensitive not to hurt his feelings, then he becomes less attractive.

When she is free not to worry about him, but simply enjoy the fact that he cares about her, then she becomes more attracted to him” (p 37).

Even if she doesn’t need his help at the time, she will feel supported just because he offered” (p 77). They like to try new things and have new experiences.

There is not a person who I have not met who does not wish to be successful in love.

Most people watch their Facebook posts fill up with couples happily in love and couples becoming engaged and writhe with secret envy, asking “How the hell does this even happen? ” And yet we all desire to be successful in our career and so we study and get degrees and learn the trades and spend countless hours learning how to be successful, and yet we automatically assume love will just happen. Love is as delicate as a plant and needs attention, caring and respect.

6) “By clearly understanding the wisdom of going slowly and moving through the five stages of dating [Attraction, Uncertainty, Exclusivity, Intimacy, and Engagement], both men and women will enjoy the dating process more and eventually find true love” (p 59).

7) “If he can respect her, then he is worthy of her” (p 59).

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But for this post I will focus primarily on some helpful information about how Martians (often of the male gender) and Venusians (often of the female gender) communicate and how they are interpreted and how each partner can work to better express themselves and learn how to communicate more efficiently.

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