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Most importantly, they are going to have a knowledge and understanding of the most basic cornerstones of any Dominant submissive or Master slave relationship, which are Communication, Trust, Respect and Honor(honesty).No, Dominants are not all Teddy Bears, nor are they all the image of a harsh, overbearing Viking so don't start looking at Dominants with a preconceived notion of what every Dominant or Master is like.Learn what to look for as warning signs, danger signals or red flags.You may be a submissive or slave, or at least think you want to be, but that doesn't make you just anyone's submissive or slave.They do not want a man that cannot degrade them in such a hurtful manner that tears roll down their eyes, oh no they want a proper man that will own them and control them in every aspects of their lives.So if you love the thought of owning a pig whore then please do call our submissive phone sex line today, it’s only here where you can get real X RATED submissive girl action at a fraction of the price.They're going to understand a submissive or slave, especially one new to the Lifestyle is going to be hesitant, shy and uncertain.

Not only can you receive all the punishment due to you on cheap lesbian chat lines, but you can also watch your domination phone sex get nasty with you in the flesh with hardcore adult webcams.

It's not going to happen, that's not reality.

Next, as you begin to explore these various chat room environments, and yes, there are some very good and legitimate chat rooms and web sites out there, make sure you realize there are many many more "bad ones". Don't just assume because someone places a label on it, it is automatically going to be just what you envision it to be.

There is no thought or consideration given to the feelings and emotions of the one(s) that happened to venture there with very valid and legitimate needs, seeking to learn, seeking acceptance, hoping to find the path to that one special power exchange relationship.

There is no one way of guaranteeing that a legitimate submissive or slave won't mistakenly end up in an environment that just isn't what she thought it was, but there are some steps a submissive or slave should take, or at least consider before she sets out in search of a submissive or slave chat room or forum.

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If you enter a place and immediately outlandish demands are made of you, seemingly impossible tasks or expectations are established, it's time to take a second look!

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