Dating guys in gta iv

Dating guys in gta iv

Just wait a hour or attack and if you wait you will see 3 enclave kill. Second, they got shot third, the got shot by the mark4 laser turrent.

When you have to get the geck, you have to go through little lamplight. First get rad radiation perk fully then get a advance radiation suit that moira brown got then you shoud be able to go through without getting poison.

With the ammo dispenser, get full ammo, drop it then refill, then continue, but, what happens if you bring all those ammo and weapons to the capitol wasteland? Before you get in the simulator pod in the outcast base, kill someone, and everyone else if you want to.

Then drag his/her body to the pod and put it in the pod seat, so if you sit down in it, you can search him/her. When you get to choose your loadout, ( picked the close combat loadout first) preferably your favorite weapons like the 10mm pistol, combat shotgun, power fist, assault rifle, sniper, 10mmsub. Those are, I think, all the weapons you get from the loadouts. Then drop your loadout in the armory, change your loadout (only can do once so pick wisely)!

Save before going into the simulator, then play through until you get to the part after you blow up the artillery cannons. Go back to the armory, pickup your new loadout from the man, grab your previous loadout you dropped, then do the infinite ammo glitch with all your weapons.

But when she gives the items to you, you have to wait like a week in the game so she can give you more.

If you find a Brotherhood of Steel person, and if they have a big battery on their backs, they have the Gatling Laser.

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(be sure to explore the rest of the fort including the main building there is some extra goodies around.) On your way to the Minefield, you're almost there, but keep looking at your left. NOTE: I always do this when I'm on a quest and I wanna get out.

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