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I'm in high school now and I've made so many new friends.I'm thankful for my mom who was there for me while I was being bullied, and for pushing to get the school to do something.

While I think we can all agree that kindness is a positive virtue, she felt that--by limiting your message to girls--it was reinforcing societal modeling that the most important thing was to be a "good girl" who passively accepts the status quo and shies away from confrontation.And the times where you were on the verge of tears but just smiled to cover it up.I hope you have learned how to express your feelings and forgive those who hurt you.I hope you are doing better and can grow from this chapter in your life.I'm sorry for all the times I cried myself to sleep.

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One time at a sleepover we had I remember waking up, looking over, and seeing those scars on your arms.

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