Dating a man who has another woman pregnant Horny chat immediate

Dating a man who has another woman pregnant

We made up and got back together and things were good for a few more weeks and he became upset that I had checked my email on a couple of dating site that I used before I met him.

He still has his profile up and I didn’t make a big deal about it but he didn’t want mine up. The day we got into the fight I learned I was pregnant.

So are the first three weeks of every relationship. You do know that three weeks isn’t a really significant amount of time, right? Did you have a spontaneous moment of passion without any protection? You slept with that stranger, he knocked you up, he’s distancing himself and you’re still intent on ignoring his colossal flaws and trying to forge a relationship with him. The only decision you have is whether you’re going to keep the baby.

You do know that you don’t get to see all sides of a person for a few years, right? No matter what happened, you’re in the same place: you’re pregnant and you’ve got a man who doesn’t want to have any part in your life. If you’re not, then you can terminate your pregnancy and your man simultaneously.

If a woman is pregnant by one man but intimately involved with another, the majority of people think she is a THOT, whore, and way too promiscuous.

Now there may be certain instances where that might be the case, such as women who sleep with numerous men at once due to underlying issues.

A man who is overly concerned with himself and his material things has no room to value you. Just because a man is good-looking, wears a shiny new suit, sports some Now and Later gators, drives a shiny new car, and profiles a new Rolex on his wrist does not mean he is a good man.

As a matter of fact, that’s usually the joker who can’t rub two nickels together.

He works a lot of hours and has 2 kids so I understand that he can’t always talk, but he just seems so cold and distant when we aren’t together.You do know that you can’t build a lifetime on three magical weeks, right? “ Your beloved boyfriend of three weeks has trust issues. However, if you ARE keeping the baby, please be aware that, by making this decision, your child will probably not have much of a father. I’m saying what is patently obvious to a third-party observer. I also believe that babies deserve fathers who WANT to be fathers, men who are fully committed to their wives and families.This is a big red flag, which you probably could have seen coming if you didn’t make him your boyfriend so fast. This is where it starts getting sad and I can’t maintain any level of snark. Listen, Jules, I’m really sorry you’re hurting right now. This guy does not want a future with you, nor does he want to support a baby for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, you can’t MAKE a man want to be this way. So understand, Jules, if you choose to bring this baby into the world, you are also choosing to give yourself and your baby a great hardship: a tempestuous, mistrustful, busy absentee father who has no interest in being a part of either of your lives.However, if a woman was dating one man and things did not work out, even if she is pregnant by him, does that mean she is not allowed to date and have sex with another man who may enter the fold and truly care about her? The idea that she is supposed to place her life on hold is definitely an interesting debate.The man who impregnated her is free to go on with his life and have sex with whomever he likes.

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So now, you’re in love with a man you’ve barely met, and you have your first fight! You’re experiencing what everyone has experienced before you – the feeling of getting your heart broken by an unrequited love whom you overestimated due to chemistry. If it sounds like I’m weighing heavily in one direction, that’s because I am. All I wanted to make clear was the consequences of your decisions. I hope you make the right call for you and your family. I agree with Evan 100% you have a choice, if you choose to terminate you can proceed with your life, find the man who will be your husband then have a child with him when you are both ready to have a family.

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