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“His character [could] probably care less about the embroidery, but Emily probably said, ‘No, Richard, you should have this done.’” costume squad also had to wrangle characters whose styles evolved as they did.Rory Gilmore, who started off as a private-school darling and finished the series as a Yale grad bound for Barack Obama’s campaign, went through several sartorial transformations: “She went from high school and being a little bookworm to going to Yale; she had sex with Dean,“ Maben remembers.As we can see, Sookie still has a penchant for bandannas—which we can only hope she still wears with pigtails. Die-hard group—or even the first featuring Truesdale and Mc Carthy.Back before we learned Mc Carthy was joining the revival after all, Truesdale posted another selfie with the actress that set fans’ souls alight with the possibility that a reunion might be happening after all.creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has a new pilot on the way from Amazon—and mere hours later, a selfie has surfaced of Melissa Mc Carthy and Yanic Truesdale, whom fans might know better as Sookie and Michel.The selfie was posted on Instagram by Brenda Maben, the costume supervisor for the show’s upcoming four-part revival, . From the looks of things, these two characters are getting along better than ever.Une convention séries/cinéma, c'est aussi l’occasion de participer à de nombreuses activités rythmant l’événement : quiz, tombola, karaoké, … Elles permettent également aux fans de discuter entre eux d’un centre d’intérêt commun et de revenir chez eux l'esprit rempli de souvenirs mémorables.

Si vous avez acheté des extras sans ce précieux sésame, vous ne pourrez pas les réaliser et vous aurez donc perdu de l'argent inutilement.When the show began to air on the WB in October 2000, Maben and her team knew these characters down to the last stitch. Look no further than Maben’s assessment of the custom-made suits worn by the late Edward Herrmann as patriarch Richard Gilmore: “People in his capacity, his stature, they don’t keep buying new clothes,” she says. All of his suits were custom made with his initials embroidered on them, which was my little touch.No one ever saw it, but I just felt it was good for the character.”That’s right: in addition to what she remembers as more than 50 bow ties (one screen-printed with the Yale logo), Maben sewed a little “RG” into every one of Herrmann’s suits.Thanks to the show’s creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, those characters came to them fully formed.“Amy knows what Amy wants,” Maben says of the mastermind, who was inspired to create the show after taking a trip with her husband, Dan, to New England in the fall.

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Sookie and Michel’s perpetually argumentative relationship was one of the show’s most consistently amusing, making this selfie all the more charming.

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