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If the vehicle is not repairable and if the owner wishes to leave the country without his vehicle, he has to deliver it to the nearest customs office, and the registration of his vehicle on his passport will be cancelled.(Only after the cancellation can the owner of the vehicle leave the country.) Following an accident, you can telephone: - Trafik Polisi (Traffic Police), Tel :154, - Jandarma (Gendarme), Tel :156.The following items may be brought into the country duty free - Personal effects of the tourist. Note: A certification form showing ownership must accompany Cellular Telephones entering the country.- One black and white TV, one color TV (maximum 55 cm screen, one color pocket TV (maximum 16 cm screen), one TV-tape-radio combination, one video recording camera and 5 video cassettes (blank); 5 records, 5 tape cassettes or compact discs. Ownership must be documented in the passport of the owner and will be checked on entry and exit.If you wish to take your pet with you when leaving Turkey there are some legal procedures you should bear in mind.First check with the consulates of your transit and final destination countries for their regulation regarding pets then; - Apply to the Mayor Office (Belediye) of your home district.- If the certified receipt and check are brought back to the retailer on a subsequent visit thin one-month of the date of customs certification, the refund can be made directly to the purchaser.

General Directorate, VAT Branch) 06100, Ulus - Ankara Tel: (312) 310 38 80/725 - 728 - 735, Fax: (312) 311 45 10 For those who wish to bring domestic animals into the country the following are required - A 'Certificate of Origin' giving the health record of the animal.Byte), electronic playing devices (without cassette - keyboard). - Minerals may only be exported from the country with a special document obtained from the; MTA Maden Tetkik Araştırma Genel Müdürlüğü (General Directorate of Mining Exploration and Research) Etüdler Dairesi 06520, Ankara Tel: (312) 287 34 30/1622, Fax: (312) 287 91 88 You can receive a Tax Refund for the goods you purchased in Turkey.- One portable radio and portable radio-tape player (its specification to be determined by the Ministry of Finance and Customs), one Walkman or pocket tape recorder, one portable compact disc player. - Binoculars (one pair, except night binoculars) - Harmonica, mandolin, flageolet, flute, guitar, and accordion (only one of each type, at a maximum total of 3 musical instruments). - Refunds will be made to travelers who do not reside in Turkey.- One video player, cine-projector (8 mm) and 10 rolls of film (blank), one slide projector. - 200 grams of tobacco and 200 cigarette papers, or 50 grams of chewing tobacco or 200 grams of pipe tobacco, or 200 grams of snuff (In addition to the above allowances, it is possible to purchase 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars, and 500 grams of pipe tobacco from the Turkish Duty Free Shops upon entering the country). For more information contact the Ministry of Transportation, General Directorate at Tel: (312) 212 35 72 - 212 60 10 (10 lines), Fax: (312) 221 32 26 or write to Ulastırma Bakanlığı Telsiz Genel Müdürlüğü, Emek - Ankara.- One pocket computer (maximum main memory capacity Ram 128MB. - Gifts and souvenirs: for a new carpet, a proof of purchase; for old items, a certificate from a directorate of a museum is necessary. - Valuable personal items can only be taken out of the country providing they have been registered in the owner's passport upon entry, or providing they can show they have been purchased with legally exchanged currency.

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- Buy "Damga Pulu" (stamp duty) of 1.950.000 TL, - 2 days prior to your trip, you should apply to "Gümrük Veteriner Müdürlüğü" (Customs Veterinary Directorate) with "Menşe Belgesi", "Damga Pulu", vaccination card and your pet.

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