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Tony waited until he heard her chair squeak to sit down. We're going to be working together more closely now and I want to clear the air a bit." She sighed. " "Granted." "The way you try to subvert Gibbs' authority. If you involve yourself in the day to day efforts of the teams, you're going to over-load. " "That's all ready been approved." "Is there anything else we need to discuss, ma'am? "Is there anything else you need to be able to do your job here? Agent Mc Gee and Abby set me up." "Then, I'll see you at the monthly meeting tomorrow." "Yes, ma'am." **** Gibbs bit back his instictive reaction to turn to Tony once again. There were other agents who were stopping and staring for a moment as they walked by. He was leaning back with his feet up, headphones on his head, keyboard in his lap as he worked. First, there'd been the injury, surgery, and recovery. He banished the image of them together by studying the printout that he'd just picked up from the team's shared printer. "I think you're pushing him too hard," she said quietly. "He's a distraction." "That's why he's on desk duty." She was quiet for a long moment.

"Yes, ma'am." She took his arm just above the elbow. Here's the chair." She put his hand on the back of the chair. " "I wouldn't say talked." The door closed with a soft click. But you are not his partner any longer." "You think I'm jealous? I've seen the surviellence tapes of what happened." "But I'd distract him." "Yes." Tony shrugged. You're still going to let me do interviews and interrogations here, right? They didn't have his instincts, his talent, or his knowledge. She wasn't the only one watching Di Nozzo work either. He was getting better with the cane every day, but he still got disoriented easily. He'd never have guessed that he'd be thankful for the raised type and Braille translations in the building. He was disturbed by the mental image of the two of them curled up in his bed. Tony had somehow wriggled out of the son role within minutes of their meeting. Ziva gathered her things, including a small overnight case. " "Let me worry about whether or not Di Nozzo's doing his job." "He will take advantage of Mc Gee." Gibbs grunted. "He'll adapt." She crossed her arms, not saying anything more until they were on the plane. He'd go crazy if he didn't have something to do." **** "Tony! "Give me your hand." He frowned suspiciously at her, but offered his hand. He leaned his head against her arm and she smirked a little bit.

"What do you mean we can't get this translated until next week? "Well, Joanne's out on maternity leave until next week and we don't have another Braille reader so we had to get someone from the Justice Department and he's not available until Tuesday," the man said in a rush. "I'll get it taken care of." He picked up the phone and dialed. We'll make sure it works when there's more ambient noise. You can send someone to pick it up." "Chocolate cake a sufficient payment? You'll just have to owe me one." The smile felt surprisingly nasty and he heard Gibbs swallowing his laughter. "This is urgent." "What do you want me to look for? He sorted through his clothes, feeling for the little studs Abby had helped him put in so that he could match his outfits. There were eyes on them though and Mc Gee wasn't sure how Tony would react to that. Is my tie crooked or is it just my natural good looks? Her name is Suzanne and she doesn't like to get phone calls in the early morning hours. She's supposed to be flying out next weekend to see him." "You talk to her? " "Seems there's been a boatload of mischarged costs from outside vendors. Ziva get your gear." "On it, boss," Tony replied, picking up the phone. Ziva had been uncharacteristically quiet the entire day.

"He wants to move the equipment to the office tomorrow. He'd known Gibbs' home backwards and blindfolded before the explosion had blinded him, so it was easy enough to go up the stairs and to the bedroom. They made it to their desks without another interruption. " "Speech patterns." "You don't sound like a rich New Yorker." "That would be the work of three speech therapists and an acting coach." "What have you got on the fraud? He typed, using the voice interface to confirm his work. He raised his head, and put his headphones around his neck. Billi just took the load." "Agent Mc Gee put in a request for a new scanner." "He did? "I'll check on the paperwork and the justifications." "Come up to my office at 1300." "Yes, Ma'am." Tony made a quick time-check and made a mental note of the meeting. He listened to the click of her heels on the stairs and smiled to himself.

He'd expected Ducky to check up on him for Gibbs, but he'd never expected him to send Palmer. Tony wavered on his feet, putting a hand to his temple.

He was written up twice in his first couple years for minor infractions. Probably give Mc Gee a run for his money." "You think she's a hacker? It's possible." "Find out." "Right, boss." Tony grimaced at the assignment. "Im still running searches, but right now, they're coming out clean." Gibbs grunted. After reviewing the tapes of his injury, she couldn't help but be impressed. For some reason, the witness had bolted, moving instantly from witness to suspect. Or maybe Gibbs was being good to his word and trying to treat him normally. "His mom has a brother who just happens to be posted in Quantico. It wasn't the first time he'd had to do it, but this time was a lot more interesting. Can you believe he actually thinks I'm stupid just because I can't see him? He couldn't be with Gibbs in the field and hadn't been for six months. "I'm not dating Suzie." "That's because it's a business deal. Because sometimes I want to drive up to New York, grab him and shake him for throwing away all the love and compassion that flows out of you. " "I mean, that when you start sleeping at your desk, I'll be back to living on take out." "Nah, check out the freezer. Gibbs tightened his grip automatically and the younger man settled with a sigh. He knelt on the man's back, holding him in place until Gibbs had arrived. He grimaced at the sight of blood on Tony's collar. I got her voice mail at work, but she should call back in the next hour. He took the suspect down to the ground and cuffed the vitriol spewing man. They married in Vegas, then got it annuled a day later. " "Right, because you'd give me time off to go to Vegas." Gibbs smirked, not bothering to answer that comment. Well, you can, but if you don't learn to cook you're going to need to work harder at taking off the weight." "That's what girlfriends are for." Tony laughed. He didn't want to meet the director without having brushed his teeth. I'm learning to cook." "That's a scary thought." "Can't stay a bachelor forever, Balboa. She didn't know how he'd managed to go from looking fragile and young in his hospital bed to relaxed and confident at his desk, but she had to admit that it was an impressive feat.

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The suspect knocked Di Nozzo into the edge of a desk. They reaudition every six months for that one." "Di Nozzo." "Right. They didn't even do the deed, just fell asleep together in his hotel room. I want to know when they last saw him and what was going on. **** "Hey, I've found a plus to not being able to see Gibbs," Tony said to Mc Gee, knowing Gibbs was at his desk. "There's other ways of motivating you," Gibbs stated. He knew he'd accomplished his goal of lightening Gibbs mood and went back to work. The sound of clicking keyboards disappeared as Tony put on his headphones and turned back to his computer. She reminded him somewhat of Abby, only with a more deliberate turn of phrase. The younger man wasn't surprised, he'd heard the front door. " "Do it and I'll start aiming lower when I smack you." "Don't make Abby jealous." Tony settled in his chair. Do we have to go over cold cases or just active ones? His assistant knows you better than he does." "Well, we're sort of the same age." "Don't make excuses for him." Tony blinked, jaw hanging open. " "Because I hate seeing you hurt and he hurt you." "He never laid a hand on me." "Bet he never hugged you either." "He's reserved." "He's a drunk who ignored you unless you were acting out and disowned you when you were twelve." "Warren Buffet's not supporting his kids." "He's supporting them through college." "Papa sent me to school." "Then why did you need a job at fourteen that his assistant had to forge his signature for? Oops." "Answer the question." "When did this turn into a therapy session? He was pretty sure the fact that he was head-over-heels for the man might have something to do with it.

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