Radiometric dating of dinosaur fossils

Radiometric dating of dinosaur fossils

Speculation: Neutrons Being Captured On the site , a comment from Steve660 included, “Fossil bones are often enriched in uranium . The problems with that conjecture are much more serious than he seems to realize.The Radioactive Carbon in Dinosaur Bones Fossils of dinosaurs have significant amounts of C14.We found measurable amounts of C in all 14 of our dinosaur and other fossils.Moreover, we found surprising consistency in these data, which range from approximately 17,850 to 49,470 radiocarbon years as indicated in Figure 1.Under uniformitarian assumptions, these should no longer contain measurable amounts of radiocarbon.Secularists have asserted that these challenging finds originate from systematic contamination, but the hypothesis of endogenous radiocarbon should be considered.

Both the carbon-14 dating results and the discovery of soft tissue in incompletely fossilized dinosaur bones share the common theme of being indicators of much younger ages for dinosaurs than evolution claims. with continuous proclamations about all of the dinosaurs and pterosaurs becoming extinct many millions of years ago.

Thomas and Nelson began by predicting radiocarbon in dinosaur bone based on long-standing published reports of measurable radiocarbon in coal, diamonds, and other materials assumed by evolutionary geologists to be millions of years old.

They gathered 16 samples from 14 fossil specimens of fish, wood, plants, and animals from throughout the geologic column, Miocene to Permian, from all three eras: Cenozoic, Mesozoic and Paleozoic.

Assuming these strata were largely deposited by the Noahic Flood occurring within the time range of radiocarbon’s detectability with modern equipment under uniformitarian assumptions, we hypothesized that fossils from all three erathems, including dinosaur fossils, should also contain measurable amounts of radiocarbon.

Consistent with this hypothesis, we report detectable amounts of radiocarbon in all 16 of our samples.

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With the recent announcement of soft tissue in off-the-shelf dinosaur bones (6/09/15, 6/10/15), complete with enriched carbon, the obvious question is: does any of it contain carbon-14?

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