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Unless designated by the department, facilities are not permitted to hold or treat involuntary patients under this part. For the purpose of determining whether a person meets the criteria for involuntary outpatient placement or for preparing the proposed treatment plan pursuant to s.

It is intended that: That services provided to persons in this state use the coordination-of-care principles characteristic of recovery-oriented services and include social support services, such as housing support, life skills and vocational training, and employment assistance, necessary for persons with mental health disorders and co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders to live successfully in their communities. Such persons shall be transported to an appropriate facility within the designated receiving system pursuant to a transportation plan or an exception under subsection (4), or to the nearest facility if neither apply.

The prevention may be by physical barrier or by a staff member who is acting in a manner, or who is physically situated, so as to prevent the person from leaving the room or area. Procedures and criteria for receiving and evaluating facility applications for designation, which may include onsite facility inspection and evaluation of an applicant’s licensing status and performance history, as well as consideration of local service needs. The party responsible for payment for such transportation is the person receiving the transportation.

“Physical restraint” does not include physical devices such as orthopedically prescribed appliances, surgical dressings and bandages, supportive body bands, or other physical holding when necessary for routine physical examinations and tests or for purposes of orthopedic, surgical, or other similar medical treatment when used to provide support for the achievement of functional body position or proper balance or when used to protect a person from falling out of bed.“Seclusion” means the physical segregation or involuntary isolation of a person in a room or area from which the person is prevented from leaving. 394.4573 which is responsible for assessment and evaluation, both voluntary and involuntary, and treatment, stabilization, or triage for patients who have a mental illness, a substance use disorder, or co-occurring disorders. 394.462 must support the operation of the receiving system. The entity providing transportation may seek reimbursement for transportation expenses.

This notice shall include the telephone numbers of the Florida local advocacy council and Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities, Inc.s. Attempts to notify the parent, guardian, caregiver, or guardian advocate must be repeated at least once every hour during the first 12 hours after the minor’s arrival and once every 24 hours thereafter and must continue until such confirmation is received, unless the minor is released at the end of the 72-hour examination period, or until a petition for involuntary services is filed with the court pursuant to s. The receiving facility may seek assistance from a law enforcement agency to notify the minor’s parent, guardian, caregiver, or guardian advocate if the facility has not received within the first 24 hours after the minor’s arrival a confirmation by the parent, guardian, caregiver, or guardian advocate that notification has been received. The patient or the patient’s guardian or guardian advocate may authorize the release of information and clinical records to appropriate persons to ensure the continuity of the patient’s health care or mental health care. In determining whether there is good cause for disclosure, the court shall weigh the need for the information to be disclosed against the possible harm of disclosure to the person to whom such information pertains.

This notice shall be posted in a place readily accessible to patients and in a format easily seen by patients. The receiving facility shall attempt to notify the minor’s parent, guardian, caregiver, or guardian advocate until the receiving facility receives confirmation from the parent, guardian, caregiver, or guardian advocate, verbally, by telephone or other form of electronic communication, or by recorded message, that notification has been received. The guardian or guardian advocate shall be provided access to the appropriate clinical records of the patient.

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This notice shall include a statement that provisions of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act apply and the name and telephone number of a person to contact for further information. 39.201, based upon knowledge or suspicion of abuse, abandonment, or neglect and if the facility deems a delay in notification to be in the minor’s best interest. The patient or the patient’s guardian authorizes the release.

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