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Updating subversion

“I’m getting the error message Authorization failed when trying to commit my subversion changes. ” We get this question from time to time Turns out there is a quirk in Subversion where you can use a URL for checkout or update, but won’t work for a commit.

The checkout allows the case of the characters to not match the “official” URL. For example, your original (and “official”) URL may be “https://svn.devzing.com/Me/My Repo1“. But the commit doesn’t recognize this URL and rejects it with an “Authorization failed” message.

Adding any users after that should be done without the "-c" switch to avoid overwriting the passwd file.

On recent upstart based Ubuntu versions you can place an upstart config file in /etc/init/

View image at full size (the current Subclipse update site).

If you want to use Web DAV as an access method described below, repeat the chmod -R g rws myproject command again.A stock Eclipse installation has integrated support for CVS, a popular open source change-management system. The new developer Works Premium membership program provides an all-access pass to powerful development tools and resources, including 500 top technical titles (dozens specifically for open source developers) through Safari Books Online, deep discounts on premier developer events, video replays of recent O'Reilly conferences, and more. Read on to see how to add Subversion support to Eclipse and how to perform basic version-control activities from the IDE.The abilities of CVS, and its limitations, are well known, but many groups have been investigating other version-control systems to provide better scaling, better support for merging changes and branching versions, and better support for binary file formats. You're going to need to download and install Eclipse.We'll use Eclipse's update manager to add Subclipse to our Eclipse IDE.From the Help menu in Eclipse, choose Software Updates In addition to using this to look for software updates, we can use the update manager to find and install new features, such as Subclipse.

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By far the best solution to this in most cases is just to update Ubuntu, this will give you a more up to date set of repositories, with a much more up to date version of all your packages, including svn.

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